BRAMBLE + BLOOM was originally created by Kristin McArdle in San Francisco, CA and has just recently planted roots in Stowe, VT. Kristin began her career as a floral designer when she was fourteen when she began working after school at the local plant nursery and floral shop. At first she was a greenhouse extra hand and quickly moved up and was trained as a designer. Her passion and love of flowers would take a back seat to a slew of other studies, career paths, forays and passions.


The last decade has lead her across the country and has afforded her the opportunity to work doing many different jobs, working at some of the best restaurants in the country in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Also with some of the leading interior, floral and event designers on both coasts; Ken Fulk, Eugene Nahemow, Stanlee Gatti, and Lewis Miller, to name a few.


Her love of nature and plants and all their shapes, patterns and textures is the driving force behind all her creations. The love of the ceremony of celebrating nature and bringing it into homes and places of inhabitants, while putting a smile on people’s faces is her daily inspiration.


The concept  behind BRAMBLE + BLOOM is about the embodiment and balance of the masculine and feminine, the prickly and the pretty. Both of which complement and enhance one another.


Kristin’s style is both elegant and wild, dramatic and whimsical, essentially she paints in flowers.