Booking 2019 and setting intention for the year.

After finally making it through the frenzy of the holiday season I am finally back at responding to leads, finalizing proposals, and booking clients for 2019 and 2020. I took a huge leap of faith in reshooting the landing pages to my website (by the talented LuvLens), it is meant to be more conceptual and emotive than just showing a compilation of photos of past work. I can only hope that it attracts the right clients, people that are looking for inspired and creative designs for their wedding or event.

As a small business owner and a creative you often worry that if you make the wrong move, you will loose clients, or won’t be as successful. There is so much advice out there, good and bad, solicited and unsolicited. This year I am going to just stay true to myself and have the faith that by following my heart and own vision, that I will attract the right clients who are similar in style. Clients that will become friends and will trust me to execute their vision effortlessly. And, I just might even have fun doing it!

The motto for the new year, do what you love, and they will come!